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7/14/2020 1:19:34 AM

Instantly Adjust the Mood in Your Home: The 16 Million Color Light Bulb

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How can you easily create the atmosphere of your choice in various moments of the day? High-tech enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the new 16 Million Color Light Bulb, a new gizmo from Smfx.  This smart bulb is turned into a magic lighting source with the help of a downloadable application: “Using the app, turn the bulbs on and off, dim and brighten them, and change the color. Bright blue-white is useful for working or studying, warm yellow facilitates relaxation, while the different colors are a good match for holidays and celebrations, watching movies, or even as a night light. In Disco Mode, the bulb changes color to match music and sound,making it perfect for parties.” Have a look at the video below to see how it works:

Easy to install and use, the LED Light Bulb is said to fit into any standard socket; simply replace any bulb in your home with the Smart LED Light Bulb then download the free SMFX app to begin controlling the bulb. The application allows users to control up to 25 Smart LED Light Bulbs from a phone or tablet. Moreover, the bulb can be scheduled to fit daily habits: “Set a timer for the bulb to turn off, or set a schedule for the bulb to turn on or off at certain times of the day, at any color. The bulb can dim and shut off as you drift off to sleep, then wake you up naturally with soft light in the morning.”

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