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12/15/2018 12:06:37 PM

24 Humiliated Animals That Are Having A Horrible Hair Day. And They Are Real!

Being unaware of having a bad hair day can be quite embarrassing. Walking around looking like a fool can often lead to a rough day.
Here are 24 examples that prove even animals have to deal with this embarrassing fiasco:

1. One fluffy puppy.

2. Mini Chewbacca?

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3. That cock’s got attitude.
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4. Shocking.

5. That’s actually quite frightening.

6. I swear there is a parrot in there somewhere.
feather duster budgie

7. Bozo the…dog.
funny dog hair style 1026

8. Hipster hamster.
funny hairy animals 30  700

9. Hairy hog.

10. Thats a blow-up.
funny hairy animals 311  880

11. 80’s metal hairstyle.
hairy animals 10101  700

12. Poor little guy.
hilarious dog haircuts 640 03

13. Mustachio.
images 1

14. Nice overalls, dog!

15. I guess he is a wiener dog now
puppy penis

16. Puppy long stalking.
s 38

17. That is one rad turtle.
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18. Jon Bon Pony.
VH Funny Animals 035

19. Dave Grohl (Growl?)
XX Animals That Need To Get A Haircut Real Bad3  700

20. Im pretty sure this is a dog…
APTOPIX Germany Dog Show

22. High maintenance guinea pig.
XX Animals That Need To Get A Haircut Real Bad16  880

23. Pigeon curl.
XX Animals That Need To Get A Haircut Real Bad19  880

24. Afro Chicken.
XX Animals That Need To Get A Haircut Real Bad25  880

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