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7/12/2020 3:40:00 PM

The Driverless Mercedes That`s Driving Around San Francisco Blowing Everyone`s Mind!

The future is here and it looks like a driverless car. The unmanned Mercedes Benz you’re about to lay your eyes on has been cruising around the streets of San Francisco like it’s in some sort of futuristic Bullit remake. And, quite understandably, it’s been blowing people away!

It’s not everyday you spot a car without a driver on the roads and it’s left many people shocked and stunned. Who’s behind it? Well, when you considering that the city of San Francisco is the tech capital of the world, things start to make a little more sense…


People have been snapping pictures whenever they’ve seen the science fiction-looking vehicle about. So Reddit, Facebook and Twitter have all been buzzing with chat about the San Fran driverless cars.

mercedes  vedr

It’s a concept car from the German motoring giants and it could well cause you to kiss your driving gloves goodbye forever!

mercedes  vedw

Here’s the interior. Since there’s no driving to be done, you’re best off getting a television in there…

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