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12/18/2018 8:04:06 PM

Floyd Mayweather`s Ridiculously Lavish Life Will Only Get Better In 2015 (Photos)

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If the year ended now, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. would have won.

Of course, there are still plenty of days left to catch up, but the trajectory the champ is on only points to the top!

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. made $14,800 for every punch he threw in his last fight of 2014 against Marcos Maidana. In all, he got paid a ridiculous $32 million for 12 three-minute rounds, and once again retained his status as the world’s highest-paid athlete, according to Forbes.

But, he flexed on the universe just recently when he posted this ridiculous photo of himself posing with his eight luxury cars, which total to an insane $7.3 million. And you know he paid in cash!

Hopefully, this is the year he finally faces Pacquiao in a long overdue fight. If not, he’ll be chilling. Check out why below.

According to Forbes, Floyd Mayweather made $105 million in 2014.


But, 2015 is looking even better for the undisputed champ.

Mayweather carries around his endless amounts of cash in Gucci bags.

And, of course, he has his own Gucci wallet.
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He reportedly only wears a pair of shoes once and leaves them with the hotel when he’s done.
Terez Owens

Floyd also spends $6,500 a year on boxers, refusing to wear the same pair twice.

His eight-car collection in Las Vegas is now worth $7.3 million. He also has another fleet of whips in Miami.

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`Welcome to my toy world! Who wants to come out & play? Bugatti Veyron  Bugatti Veyron  Bugatti Gran Sport  Ferrari 458 Spider Ferrari 458 Spider Lamborghini Aventador  Porsche 911 Turbo S Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Private Jet www.themoneyteam.com`

The Las Vegas fleet includes a Lamborghini Aventador worth $400k…
Auto Revolution

…a Porsche 911 Turbo worth $180k…
Total 911

…a Ferrari 458 Spider worth $250k…

…a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano worth $300k…

…two Bugatti Veyrons worth a combined $4 million…

…and another Bugatti Grand Sport worth $2 million.
tumblr mt0ippsd4m1qd7fcpo1 400

Oh yeah, and that’s not even counting his private jet!
2015 03 17 23 51 45

I wanted to go shopping in another state today so I decided to take the G4 for a spin. #noluggage #meetmethere

He typically rides around while getting his head massaged by a beautiful female.

And he goes back to his home for a casual twerking party.

With checks like this, anything is possible!
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Losing $100k on one single bet is nothing.
tumblr mu63ww37bN1qfiwrio1 1280

In his career, Floyd says he’s made over $400 million without any endorsements.

tumblr mt58u1tGI41qkoopko1 250

That’s not bad for a young man out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

tumblr n4rq2dh4741qjpqono1 400

2015 is going to be a busy year for the champ as he looks to finish his career strong.

tumblr n4t8e4OeuY1s91985o1 400

As for Pacquiao? He can wait a little longer.

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