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11/18/2018 8:42:27 AM

A whimsical Ghibli-like world captured in beautiful GIFs you can stare at all day

Artist SPARROW, who posts her animated GIFs on Tumblr has inspired thousands of creative individuals around the world who look to him when making their own pieces of art. These gifs are a real treat for anyone looking to lose themselves in Ghibli or Ghibli-like worlds

The movement may seem inconsequential, just the stirring of a spoon or the twitch of a friendly rabbit ear, but the emotions you experience are certainly similar to watching any of Miyazaki’s films. The colors are warm and inviting, the scene heartfelt, and you really feel like jumping into the art and immersing yourself. Just a taste of what they are eating would be splendid; you can almost smell the eggs sizzling!

art 1

These wonderful scenes seem instantly familiar, like you’ve been escaping to them whenever you close your eyes. Each one makes you wish for a little more magic in your everyday live. You don’t have to take our word for it, just take a look for yourself.

art 8

art 6

art 4

art 3

art 5

art 2
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