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6/18/2019 1:48:30 AM

This Girl`s Makeup Tutorial Videos Are Going Viral For The Best Reason

It looks like a normal makeup tutorial, but she`s inspiring people all around the world.

opxq7 blind girl makeup

Lucy Edwards is blind. Not partially blind - completely blind.

The 19 year-old lost vision in her right eye at 11, and her left at 17 due to a rare condition called incontinentia pigmenti.

When asked why she puts on makeup, she said:

"Because I`m making myself pretty, it makes me feel better about myself on the inside. I know the media has a lot of rubbish about whether you need make-up and so on – I don`t think I need it especially, but it`s just a thing that makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel like I`m in control.

And that`s the thing about being blind. You are very dependent on other people. and make-up for me, personally, means that I don`t have to ask anyone about how my face looks any more. Because I know I`ve put my foundation on a certain way, and I`ve built up my routine so I know my cleansing routine and all that. I know that my face looks good without looking in the mirror. So I don`t have to ask someone, `Do I look good today?`, because I know that I do."

It`s always amazing and inspiring to see someone beat the odds and limitations! Watch her most popular video below:

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