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5/26/2020 5:03:58 PM

Desperate Russian Man Fails To Impress Woman While Hanging From Building`s 8th Floor

A Russian guy hung outside of a girl’s eighth story window to impress her and declare his love for her.

The Russian psychotic in question is named Pavel Loginov, 25, and the target of his Cupid-crazed affections is named Olga.

The video was filmed by a neighbor who noticed him after he apparently was not able to get Olga’s attention and started shouting for help.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Olga was in the shower or was pretending to be in the shower.

In any case, she didn’t come to the window.

He was finally helped up to the roof, and that’s when Olga reportedly appeared at the window in a towel.

He shouted “compliments” to her from the room, to which she promptly closed the window and told him to stop bothering her.

It’s like a fairytale, only more Russian.

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