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12/9/2019 1:19:48 PM

Gaza artist turns air-strike smoke into stunning sketches. The spirit of hope will move you to the core.

As the UN tries working out some ceasefire between Hamas and Israel Defence forces, Gaza artist Tawfik Gebreel turns air strike smoke into mind-boggling and highly amazing sketches. The artist is aiming to send a message in the language everyone will understand. Gaza and Israel, the war is going on since a long time. He is reworking the images of air strikes and hoping that it gives some positive and humanitarian message. He is working in order to change the meaning of the smoke. Tawfik`s ambition is to organize exhibitions in several countries, inspite of being at war-hit Gaza. He is transforming the smoke to awesome things and animals by mark- making. We at "evrystry" bring you the daily amazing stories from all over the world.

A fist from the smoke.

asian town

A father and a child .

asian town

A mother and a kid.

asian town

A girl.

asian town

An Angel

gaza artist turns air strike smoke into stunning sketches the spirit of hope will move you to the core

A Horse

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