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10/19/2018 10:52:48 PM

Jennifer Lawrence Have A Little Fun With The Paparazzis While She's Out With friends

Jennifer Lawrence manages to make a casual Wednesday night dinner look like more fun than any of us have EVER had. Probably combined.
Jennifer Lawrence dances in the street as she makes her way to dinner in New York

Jennifer Lawrence lookslike she`s be the most fun EVER. doesn`t she? Up there with the likes of Emma Stone, AmyPoehler, Kristen Wiig andMelissa McCarthy on our celeb-BFF wish list, sure, she may be an Oscar-winningfilm star but there`s plenty of proof that she`s more than up for a laugh. Infact, she`s pretty well the life and soul of any event or get-together. 

So, it comes as no surprise that when she was spotted out having dinner withher real-life pals (sob!) in New York City last night, she seemed to be havinga whale of a time, and at the paparazzi`s expense no less. Oh Jen, what are youlike? 
With her close friends and yet another very handsome bodyguard, the 24-year-oldHungerGames actress was in a hilarious mood as she made her way into NYC`sNobu restaurant. Rather than smiling coyly for the cameras as most of herHollywood compadres would, Jen decided to mix things up by cuttingsome serious shapes and pulling faces on the street for all to see. What ariot. 
Not letting her friends sneak in ahead of her either, Jennifer quickly grabbedone of the gals in her group and proceeded to give her, err, her very owndance. Just LOOK at her face — it`s brilliant...

jennifer lawrence have a little fun with the paparazzis while she s out with friends
And it looks as if the fun only continued while the party were in the restaurant, as a couple of hours later Jennifer Lawrence re-emerged in the most side-splittingly funny way. We bet the paps didn`t see this one coming. 
jennifer lawrence have a little fun with the paparazzis while she s out with friends

As you probably guessed from the name of the eatery, Nobu is all aboutJapanese cuisine. What do you get in Japanese restaurants? Chopsticks. And whatdo you do when you`re done using your chopsticks as their intended purpose asan easting utensil? Try them into walrus tusks, obvs.

That`s right, J-Law exited Nobu with makeshiftwalrus tusks in her mouth, and it was glorious. Sporting them on the entirejourney to her waiting car, the photographers on the scene were no doubt havinga field day with this celeb spot. 

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