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7/6/2020 12:40:40 PM

Man accidentally broadcasts porn to a street full of people (4 Photos & Video)


This past weekend in Mudanjiang, China, the man who controls a public electronic billboard made the raunchiest mistake of his life. After an honest day’s work, the screen operater decided to pull up his collection of pornography so that he could ‘crack stick,’ if you will. Little did he know, the output cable was still plugged in, broadcasting a healthy dose of porn for the world to see. 


With the screen located on the outside of a building, people began to gather around to see the action. Lucky for passerbys, the volume was cranked as well, providing one hell of a visual and auditory experience.


Witnesses say that people young and old were exposed to the explicit videos. The video feed played for ten minutes before local authorities put an end to the show, resulting in an arrest.


The kicker? Well, the billboard is located directly across from a hospital, giving every patient, doctor, and nurse quite the show.

The video below shows exactly what went down.

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