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12/10/2018 8:32:08 PM

Dan Bilzerian Flies His Private Jet With Topless Models, But Photoshops Man Nipples On Them For Instagram Purposes

dan bilzerian instagram naked girls

I don’t see Donald Trump fighting for women’s rights like this on his presidential campaign, that’s for sure.

Obviously, Dan Bilzerian runs on the platform that he supports the #freethenipple movement, and hey, who are we to disagree or tell him what to do?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t see it that way, banning virtually all pictures depicting a female nipples outside of artwork. Thus, a rebellion of Photoshopping male nips onto female ones has begun, and we’re happy to see Bilzerian taking part…

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Quite a life you live, Dan Bilzerian. Quite the life indeed.
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