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12/13/2018 4:31:37 PM

Meanwhile in China: Couple hits up Xi`an street to sell fresh goat milk, straight from the teat

goat milk xian 01.jpg

A young entrepreneurial couple was spotted squeezing milk from four goats on a busy street in Xi`an on Wednesday, apparently selling the bottles for 10 RMB a pop—with lucrative results.

goat milk xian 02.jpg

goat milk xian 03.jpg

The set-up drew quite a crowd, as long lines of customers were seen waiting to get a taste of fresh-squeezed goat milk on North Zhangbai Road.

goat milk xian 04.jpg

The couple told reporters that the goat milk was quite a hit, and lots of customers were returning for more. They said they were sold out for the day, and that some customers who`d traveled a far distance to get a taste of the fresh milk left empty-handed.

goat milk xian 05.jpg

goat milk xian 06.jpg

There you have it. If you`re going to invest in anything right now in China, it should probably be a goat.

goat milk xian 07.jpg
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