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11/19/2018 1:31:37 AM

These Simple Tests Will Teach You So Much About Your Own Body

Our bodies run like well-oiled machines. Without having to think about it, they constantly regulate our breathing, keep our eyes from drying out, send blood from head to toe, respond to social cues, and make sure we`re getting enough oxygen. They take care of hundreds of processes so that we can focus on more important things, like which drink to order at Starbucks, or what movies to add to that growing Netflix queue.

So why not put those processes to the test? This video will help you discover just how well you know your body.

It`s amazing to think about how many tasks our bodies carry out every second of every day. Share this with your friends and compare notes! Just watch out for anyone who doesn`t smile at the social cues bit. You may want to steer clear of that person...

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