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6/2/2020 1:27:34 AM

15 Apps That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Sleep Cycle

Put it on your bed at night and it tracks your movements to determine the depth of your sleep. It’s also attempts to wake you up between REM sleep cycles so you feel well rested. Waking up in the middle of a REM cycle makes you feel super groggy.

must download app


It calls customer service, navigates the phone tree, saves a place in line and then calls you when there’s a real person to talk to

must download app


It’s YouTube that keeps playing after you lock the screen.

must download app

Word Lens

Translates text using your phone’s camera.

must download app

IFTTT (If This Then That)

App that uses triggers online to automatically take action for you. Huge functionality. A couple examples are save any picture I’m tagged in on Facebook into a Dropbox folder. Takes my phone off of silent when I connect to my home WiFi. Backs up contacts into a google docs spreadsheet.

 must download app


Community-based traffic and navigation app that warns you of police!

must download app

Safe Trek

Turn the app on whenever you don’t feel safe. You keep your finger on the button the entire time until you’re at a safe location. As soon as you take your finger off you have about 5 seconds to enter your 4 digit password. If you don’t enter it then the police are called and given your location.

must download app


Let’s you know gas prices in the area and when they are going up!

must download app

Zombies, Run!

It’s basically an audio storybook that tracks your running pace. You join a post-apocalyptic township and go on missions to gather intel and supplies. The app sees how fast you’re running and during certain times, zombies chase you and you need to run a certain speed to escape. Also uses your playlists to interject music between story broadcasts.

must download app


Bite size, game style language learning – short modules with hearts/hit points for errors, EXP and level ups. App version has Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Dutch

must download app


It takes regular photos you have and turns them into high quality PDF’s that look like computer scans

must download app


Ability to have phone’s notifications mirrored to computer, send files and other info easily, even reply to text messages from computer.

must download app


It’s an alarm clock app. But instead of a boring ringtone waking you up, you receive a real call from a random stranger, from anywhere across the world! This morning I was woken up by a nice lady in Lebanon. It’s really fun and it’s much better at getting your brain awake as you have to engage in a quick social interaction with a complete stranger the second you wake up. You can also wake other people up which is a lot of fun.

must download app

Duet Display

Lets you use your iPad/iPhone as an extra screen (obviously more convenient with iPad) and it works much more seamlessly than other apps because it’s a wired connection.

must download app


Glympse shares your location in real time with the people you trust. Enter your destination, and it sends a text message to whoever you want with a link to a continually updated map / marker along with ETA.

must download app
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