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12/11/2018 4:30:29 PM

95% Of Adults Can`t Solve This Simple Test 8-Year-Olds Figure Out in 10 Seconds. Are You In The 5%?

Here is a simple puzzle that shows us how kids and adults mindsets are incredibly different.

While most kids are able to figure out the answer to this test in just a few seconds, it usually take adults some more time to get to the correct answer.

A little help: sometimes the easiest way is the is the best one (and this is also the reason why kids can solve this puzzle in just a few seconds)

via: twitter.com

So this problem requires a bit of different thinking. If you`re like me, you were looking for a pattern when you just started looking, but there is just no patten that works out just right. So what`s the solution?

Well if you actually look at the puzzle upside-down, you`ll see that a switch in perspective is actually all you needed - and the solution is actually 87. So how quick did you solve it? Did it take you a lot of time like me, or do you actually have a much younger mind than people would think?

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