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7/10/2020 12:28:16 PM

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Japan...giant, inflatable anus built to entertain kids.

i said wut wut in the butt

No, there’s no visual trickery at hand here; you are seeing that image right: a person really is walking into a giant, inflatable butt. At a children’s event held in Saitama City, just outside of Tokyo.

If you are wondering what a giant inflatable butt is doing at a family-oriented event, you’re not alone, as the scene has a number of people concerned for the future of Japan.

This rather graphic scene is actually a part of an exhibit geared towards children about bodily functions, called Karada no Fushigi Daibouken (Mysteries of the Body Adventure), which you might better know as Grossology, an attraction that has gained popularity at science museums across North America.

asian town

The biology-themed event is aimed at teaching kids the science behind all the gross things about our bodies, like boogers, burps, and yes, even poop.

Of course we all know that everybody poops, and it’s also important for kids to learn about how our bodies work. Teaching science in a fun and exciting way that keeps kids interested and entertained is crucial to building a love of learning, and Grossology does just that. However, the verdict is still out about whether walking into a giant butt-crack is entirely necessary for that.

asian town
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