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9/23/2019 4:34:03 PM

This Real Life Mortal Kombat Video Is Absolutely Brutal And Definitely NSFW

this real life mortal kombat video is absolutely brutal and definitely nsfw

Mortal Kombat`s relentless visceral brutality is a lot to take in when it`s in its native video game form, so a real-life version is a pretty terrifying prospect. But with the internet being, well, the internet, some clever YouTubers have ripped the iconic fighting game out of the TV and taken it into their garden. 

The video was made by Australians RackaRacka, and it looks like they`ve had the help of some incredible makeup assistants and stuntmen, because the gore looks stomach-churningly believable.

The guys are having a BBQ in the fictional scenario that leads to them literally tearing one another to pieces. They start arguing about Mortal Kombat and it all kicks off.

We won`t spoil the awesome live action fatalities in the video, but rest assured they are 100% NSFW and extremely graphic. You`ve been warned, lads.  

Finish him!

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