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10/15/2018 10:07:47 PM

American television personality Josh Duggar`s Cheating Alter Ego Facebook Account Has Been Found

The world collectively shakes its head as the next blow to Josh Duggar`s ego is dealt: the discovery of his fake Facebook account.

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This finding comes just one day after Duggar publicly apologized for repeatedly cheating on his wife while simultaneously espousing platitudes on family values and the sanctity of marriage.


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Gawker was the first to expose Duggar`s Ashley Madison and OkCupid accounts, both of which were registered under the predictably unimaginative fake name "Joe Smithson" and the email address joesmithsonnwa@gmail.com.

asian town

His Facebook alter ego (also linked to aforementioned email address) has 30 friends, all women from the part of Arkansas where Duggar lived before he moved to Washington, D.C.

asian town

Included in this list of friends are local strippers and lingerie models.

To the surprise of everyone everywhere, yesterday People reported that Josh`s wife Anna would not be leaving him. An anonymous source is quoted as saying that Anna will probably even "absorb some of the blame" for her husband`s actions.

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