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8/13/2020 8:48:12 PM

Guy Wins Over His Bond Girl By Posing As A Former NSA Agent On Tinder (Photos)

Tinder is good for two things.
The first is finding someone willing to have casual sex as much as you are based off a couple of photos.
The second is finding someone who’s willing to play along with the stupid backstory you used to compensate for your underwhelming looks and help you gain a few seconds of fame on the Internet.

Cameron decided to go with the second strategy by posing as a NSA agent and making a few of the jokes you already made in your head. His reward? He got to talk to a real girl for multiple minutes.

That basically makes him James Bond.

nsa tinder elite daily 1

Except, James Bond probably never played Dungeons & Dragons.

nsa tinder elite daily 2

And I feel like saying, “You’re beautiful,” is all James Bond would need to gain access to the terminal.

nsa tinder elite daily 4

A classic double-cross. He should have seen it coming.

nsa tinder elite daily 05

Don’t think too hard about this. Much like most James Bond movies, it doesn’t really make much sense.

nsa tinder elite daily 7

I guess that’s technically a date.

nsa tinder elite daily 8

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