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8/18/2019 10:05:48 AM

This Giant, Terrifying Creature Just Surfaced In Japan. What In The World?

Just when you think you`ve seen every horrible creature that Neptune could possibly muster, something like this happens. Recently in Japan, a truly despicable-looking monster was captured by a group of unsuspecting fishermen.

The photo they posted on social media is really, really disturbing.

The mighty beast was stirred from its watery slumber.

The mighty beast was stirred from its watery slumber.

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And judging by the look on its face, it wasn`t happy about the situation.

Although it looks like something straight out of Jim Henson`s brain, Redditors were quick to point out that it was probably a wolf eel.

Although they may look menacing, wolf eels are surprisingly friendly.

Fortunately for the people who caught this critter, they`re more interested in snacking on crabs than ripping off human limbs.

They`re also hilariously derpy.

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