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10/16/2019 8:17:24 AM

Heart-warming story of the day! Struggling Waiter Receives $5000 Tip, Told To Buy Himself A New Car

For 16 years, Gregory has worked at the same Italian restaurant in Houston TX. Customers of D’Amico’s Italian Market Café not only come for the delicious food, but also for the friendly, attentive staff. One couple in particular were regulars, frequently served by Greg himself. When the couple heard that Greg’s car was totaled in a severe storm, they worried for their beloved server. Greg has a wife and young child, and he’d been struggling to get to and from work without his trusty vehicle.

The couple then did something so incredible, it’s almost hard to believe. They went to the restaurant to eat their favorite meal, and also to give Greg the tip of a lifetime — a 19,000 percent tip to be exact! Their bill came out to just $26.95, but the couple left a $5,000 tip and told Greg to “go buy himself a car.” Greg was so touched by the unexpected act of kindness that he burst into tears.

The couple wished to remain anonymous, but they did say that Greg — someone who works so hard and so well — didn’t deserve to be punished for something out of his control.

I can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to receive such an amazing gift. Bravo to this couple who went above and beyond for a friend in need. Please SHARE this story with your friends on Facebook, and spread the love!

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