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8/19/2019 1:05:47 PM

Man Loses Dream Job After Accidentally Sending Dick Pics to HR Manager

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A month after securing a job at a company in St. Charles, Illinois, a 23-year-old employee sent two naked photos of himself between Aug 11 and 13 to the manager of human resources at his company.

When the employee sent his first lewd photo to a phone number he claims he thought was another woman’s, he received no reply, according to the Chicago Tribune. When his second photo days later also went without a reply, he decided to call the number only to then purportedly discover it was his HR representative.

Although the texter claimed it was all a mistake, the HR manager notified the police. The police report stated:

“(Police) contacted the offender who admitted to sending the photographs, explaining they were actually meant for another individual and were sent to the victim in error.”

The victim did not pursue charges, but the police told the offender to “cease any contact with the victim.” Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth said:

“My understanding is they’ve rescinded the offer of employment.”

Ruth also mentioned that there is an increasing amount of cases involving sexual text messages and pictures. He said

“We’re seeing it much more often now with our young people sending inappropriate photos of themselves. They’re sharing it with someone else and the next thing you know it takes on a life of its own.”
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