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12/14/2018 10:56:26 AM

Different Product Names in Different Countries - `Lays` in Mexico is Weird

Some of the famous franchises and products you love so much may not be called the same name as you know it in your country. Here are a couple that have a very different name from the original. Check out the list below:


bizname1 1.jpg

KFC in Quebec:

bizname1 2.jpg

Burger King.

bizname2 1.jpg

Burger King in Australia - Hungry Jacks.

bizname2 2.jpg


bizname3 1.jpg

Lays in the UK - Walkers.

bizname3 2.png

Lays in Mexico - "Sabritas."

bizname3 3.png

Lays in Israel - "Tapuchips."

bizname3 4.png


bizname4 1.jpg

Axe in UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand - "Lynx.`

bizname4 2.jpg

3 Musketeers

bizname5 1.jpg

In UK - Milky Way

bizname5 2.jpg


bizname6 1.jpg

Germany and Italy - Olaz

bizname6 2.jpg

Diet Coke

bizname7 1.jpg

Elsewhere around the world - Coca-Cola Light.

bizname7 2.jpg

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