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8/4/2020 11:00:15 PM

Your Dorm Room On The First Day Of The School Year Vs. On The Last.

On the first day of a new semester, college students suddenly think they are Martha Stewart on the first day of fall…


…and on the last day of the year, they suddenly feel like George W. Bush on the last day of his presidency.

ROOM last day copy

“Back to school” shopping should actually be called “expensive things I will soon destroy or lose” shopping.

desk first day copy

On the last day of school, your desk is the most depressing thing in the world — looking at it is like looking at a grown man being yelled at by a barista in front of his son.

desk last day copy

When you get the room, it is always in perfect, glorious condition. It’s like a beautiful, fresh piece of white paper, full of possibility.

bed last day copy

But by the end of the year, that piece of paper is wrinkled, smells like beer, and has a hundred dicks drawn all over it.

bed first day copy
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