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11/15/2018 1:12:55 PM

13 Hilarious Times When Snapchat Ruled The Social Media

Snapchat is a very recent social media site and due to the recent updates available, we can do various things on it apart from just sending pictures to our friends. So here are some crazy puns that were possible only because of Snapchat. Have fun!

1. Sex tape!

2. Now you`re talking.

3. LATER! Seriously?

4. Then get a good shade, PLEASE!

5. The tides just turned innocent.

6. Foot loose?

7. I see what you did there!

8. After all this time?

9. Is that even a unit of measurement?

10. Ooohh this will definitely raise some questions raised *wink*

11. Puns on stationary ware

12. Cat`s whiskers?

13. Sir, we have your lab results. They might be slightly dogmatic.
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