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11/13/2018 9:04:25 PM

A City Built in the Middle of a Lake and below Water Level in in Bulgaria

It is an amazing city that’s built at the bottom of a lake. It’s the ancient city of Seuthopolis, in Bulgaria, which was discovered in 1948. But six years later, it was covered in water, ending up at the bottom of a lake. I think this is crazy, it is covered by water once, now the Bungarian try to rebuild it again. I hope this time it will survive since the sea level is rasing and especially when ice in the North is melting day by day. But cant deny, this architecuture design is awesome!

We can see in the picture, many ships and boats gather around the giant circle which is also the border of the city. Wow, in the evening, it looks gorgeous and bright by the circle. It is unclear how many population does it has. Must be hero people live over there.  Me,  I dont wanna take a risk !

"Now, the city is being unearthed via the construction of a huge circular dike that’ll be a whopping 1,377 feet in diameter and 65 feet high. People will be able to access the recessed city by boat, heading down into it to see the city."

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