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3/21/2019 8:51:01 PM

A Boy Texted A Girl Asking To See Her In Her Bra. But How Her DAD Responds? HILARIOUS!

We`ve all been there -- you`re texting a seemingly normal guy, when all of a sudden he throws you one of these:
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To which you`re just like:

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Because nothing kills a conversation faster than the unwarranted ask for nudes. When something like this happens, the possibilities for trolling are endless -- and you should definitely take this as an opportunity to troll. However, there is nothing you can do that will ever top this dad`s hilarious response to a guy who asked his daughter for a bra pic.

Because technically, he gave the guy EXACTLY what he asked for.

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Something tells me that boy wont be sending a "send nudes" text again anytime soon.

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