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9/23/2019 12:05:39 PM

Make Your Own Walking Dead Cake That Will Scare Your Guests This Halloween

walking dead cake 1

Want to make a great impression on your guests this Halloween? Serve them this Zombie brain cake. Zombie chef Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake made this ” Walking Dead ”  cake using the old familiar fondant. She used red velvet as her base, and Flesh colored fondant was rolled into tubes and than stuck to the cake to create the wrinkles of the brain. The seedless strawberry jam is the thing that makes it look juicy and fresh. Make sure to eat with your hands.

walking dead cake 2

walking dead cake 3

” Focused, meticulous, and driven by her craft, Yolanda Gampp has always known her calling in life, Inspired by her father who worked as a baker, Yolanda passionately began her career as a cake designer at an early age and took it more seriously than most, teaching herself almost everything she knows ”

walking dead cake 4

Just dig your hands into this brain to best enjoy it.

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