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5/26/2019 5:37:31 AM

It`s Crazy How Much These Kids Look Like Their Famous Parents (27 pics)

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and, when you have a celebrity parent, that can mean the apple is one of those shiny, over-priced pieces of fruit from Whole Foods.

In other words, looking just like your famous parent no doubt comes with certain advantages. And, while most of us resemble our parents in some way, there is no doubt as to who these children call Mom and Dad.

Ava and Reese Witherspoon

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/reese1.jpg?af1676

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/goldie1.jpg?af1676

Scott and Clint Eastwood

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/eastwood1.jpg?af1676

Ava and Heather Locklear

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/heatherlocklear1.jpg?af1676

Sailor and Christie Brinkley

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/brinkley1.jpg?af1676

Jaden and Will Smith

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/willsmith3.jpg?af1676

Gabby and Donna Karan

Via:  Zimbio

Meryl Streep and Mamie, Grace, and Louisa Gummer

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/streep3.jpg?af1676

Colin and Tom Hanks

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/hanks3.jpg?af1676

Suri and Katie Holmes

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/holmes1.jpg?af1676

Liv and Julianne Moore

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/juliannemoore1.jpg?af1676

Sophie and Bette Midler

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/midler1.jpg?af1676

Sean and John Lennon

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/lennons1.jpg?af1676

Kaia and Cindy Crawford

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/crawford1.jpg?af1676

Ireland Baldwin and Kim Basinger

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/basinger1.jpg?af1676

Robin and Alan Thicke

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/thicke1.jpg?af1676

Liv and Steven Tyler

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/tyler1.jpg?af1676

Lourdes and Madonna

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/madonna1.jpg?af1676

Lily and Kate Beckinsale

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/beckinsale1.jpg?af1676

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/griffith1.jpg?af1676

James and Paul McCartney

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/mccartneys1.jpg?af1676

Maya and Uma Thurman

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/thurman1.jpg?af1676

Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/kravitz1.jpg?af1676

Violet and Jennifer Garner

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/garner1.jpg?af1676

Damon Jr. and Damon Wayans

cdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/wayans1.jpg?af1676

Rumer Willis and Demi Moorecdn.twentytwowords.com/wp content/uploads/demi1.jpg?af1676

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

it s crazy how much these kids look like their famous parents

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