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10/21/2019 6:18:53 PM

What Happened To This Backup Dancer Is Horrible, But How Everyone Reacted Is Worse

When it comes to show business, we`ve all heard people say that "the show must go on." If performers are a little under the weather, they usually have to suck it up, take the stage, and put on a show that the audience will never forget.

But what happened during this performance is absolutely horrible. In the middle of a concert, this Korean pop group saw one of their backup dancers have an epileptic seizure, and they decided to continue the show instead of immediately stopping to help her.

This was one case in which the show most definitely should not have gone on. It blows my mind that these people -- especially the other dancers -- knew that the woman needed help, and they chose to do nothing. If it hadn`t been for that one other dancer, who knows how long they would`ve let her struggle.
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