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9/16/2019 9:10:24 AM

The Snow Clearing Robot - Roofus

Shoveling snow on the roof is a difficult work and when faced with commercial sized buildings, it’s more difficult. But robot Roofus disigned by Michal Glogowski is happy to take the job on singel handed. Roofus’s main function is to take away the snow from big, flat roofs of market centers, big halls and plants, which may prevent from catastrophies. It collects the snow to the container and throws it away from the roof’s edge. It can cross the barriers. It features two electric motors, caterpillar tracks, and sensors on each side of its body for navigation, tips the scales at a touch over 100kg it’s and can take 250kg per load.

Let check out these pictures below, it decribes how it works. Compare how people work by hands and how useful this robot is.





Now just suggest to you guys, this year is colder than other years since the past 10 years, that might be the intention of the coming out of this rotbot. It is kinda a funny game for everyone to play with the robots. 



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