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11/12/2019 10:17:40 PM

Dad Accidentally Sends A D*ck Pic To Group Text With His Daughter. OOPPSS (Photos)

This was in 2014.

Most of the time, parents not understanding technology is innocent and fun. Who doesn’t like saying, “Mom DOES NOT understand Vine!”

Nobody! Everybody loves saying that sentence!

This time, which DudeComedy uncovered, wasn’t one of those fun times. This time, things got real, real quick.


1gross 1 576x1024


2gross 1 576x1024


3gross 1 1024x820

Did he say, “What’s for dinner tonight?” This kid will probably never eat again, and the dad nonchalantly asks, “What’s for dinner,” after giving the most halfhearted “my bad” response of all time?!?!

Get old people away from stuff with wires before more of their childrens’ lives are ruined!

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