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5/26/2020 3:37:18 AM

Kylie Jenner Tried To `Fix` Her Racist Costume But It`s Just Too Late

Looks like Kylie Jenner has won this year`s "Which Celebrity Will Wear The Most Offensive Costume" contest by thinking out of the blackface box and going with "Eskimo." As with every winner of this award, people are pissed

Two days ago she posted herself in her costume with the title "Eskimo," in case we couldn`t tell what she was dressed as.

She looks great (you always have and you always will, Ky Ky,) but there`s a problem...

Kylie Jenner Tried To Fix Her 2015 11 03 00 11 23

It`s not just you, Katie. And Kylie would have known that if she had gone to "cultural appropriation school" like this Instagram commenter suggested:

Screen Shot 2015 11 02 at 11.25.49 AM

If only there was such a school, aesxop. Then maybe she would at least culturally appropriate with the correct title of "Inuit." 

 Kylie did get the hint, though, and back-pedaled with the speed of Lance Armstrong by posting another picture of herself in the offending costume with a new title. She is not an Eskimo any more, she renamed herself a "snow princess."

Kylie Jenner Tried To Fix Her 2015 11 03 00 12 13

Snow Princess: It`s like there are 50 words for Eskimo the same way the Inuits have 50 words for snow. Perhaps this is a subtle homage to their language

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