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7/12/2020 5:48:36 AM

Two Women Facing Sexual Abuse Charges - For TWERKING


Two twerking culprits are on the loose. Men are being warned to stay indoors until they are apprehended. Ok, it’s not that serious – yet.

But two Washington D.C. women are wanted for sexual abuse after they twerked and touched a man while in line at a convenience store. The dude in the video clearly wants nothing these ladies are offering but who would have expected charges to be filed? The Daily News is reporting that  D.C. police are asking for help identifying the women, who were caught on surveillance camera harassing the unsuspecting man at the store along the 1700 block of New York Ave., NE.

This sounds like some sort of SNL sketch but I guess reality is weirder than fiction. Check out the video of the incident below…

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