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10/19/2018 4:26:38 PM

How War Changed One Girl's Life In A Year

Since the beginning of 2011, Syria`s ongoing civil war has ravaged the country and its citizens. No one suspected that the level of unrest in the country would last for as long as it has, and the situation has been continually escalating with each day that passes.

The most tragic outcome of any war is the lives that are unnecessarily lost. It is estimated that up to 90,000 civilians have perished during the fighting and over 130,000 people are missing and unaccounted for. These are families that wanted nothing to do with the war, and as a result, many have taken what little they can carry and fled the country. Though it is a hot topic as to where these people should go, there is no doubt that no family should ever have to go through an experience like this.

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