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11/16/2018 8:07:10 AM

Miss Universe contestants with and without makeup (10 Photos)

Monika Radulovic   Australia

Monika Radulovic – Australia

Clarissa Molina   Dominican Republic

Clarissa Molina – Dominican Republic

Claudia Barrionuevo   Argentina

Claudia Barrionuevo – Argentina

Francesca Cipriani   Ecuador

Francesca Cipriani – Ecuador

Hilda Akua   Ghana

Hilda Akua – Ghana

Laura Spoya   Peru

Laura Spoya – Peru

Liesl Laurie   South Africa
Liesl Laurie – South Africa

Lisa Drouillard   Haiti

Lisa Drouillard – Haiti

Toria Nichole   Bahamas

Toria Nichole – Bahamas

Anindya Kusuma Putri   Indonesia

Anindya Kusuma Putri – Indonesia

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