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6/20/2019 11:46:03 AM

Smug and delusional 'Rich Kids of Instagram' bathe in champagne and stuff wads of cash in their pockets to show off


Rich Kids of Instagram will delve into the world’s wealthiest one per cent and no doubt infuriate viewers as they share a peek into their extraordinary world of excess and luxury. Meet Lana Scolaro from London, who has a staggering £15,000 a month shopping habit and thinks the average Briton spends around a third of that. Lana shares her lavish lifestyle with the world via Instagram, constantly posting pictures of herself, her holidays and, of course, her regular shopping trips. After explaining she ‘accidentally’ graffitied her bag to get a new one she adds: “I probably spend about £15,000 a month on just shopping. I think the average person a month probably spends something around £5,000.”



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