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11/13/2018 8:50:38 PM

The Fakest News Stories Of 2015 That We All Believed (6 pics)

There are a ton of crazy stories out there, news that comes in every day, and while we try our best to decipher the real from the fake, sometimes we are just completely duped. This year we saw plenty of fake news stories that reeled us in with their fascinating hook. Check out some of the year`s fakest news stories that tricked everyone (or at least us).

Man Kills Imaginary Friend, Turns Self In, Takes World`s Saddest Mug Shot

The Fakest News Stories of 2015 That We All Believed

A man turning himself in after "killing his imaginary friend" and then taking the world`s saddest mugshot was too good to pass up. And well, it was also too good to be true. The man in the mugshot is actually Billy Southern, and this photo was from an unrelated arrest in 2011. Shame on us!

Couple Lives In Walmart Attic For Two Years, Meth Lab Discovered

The Fakest News Stories of 2015 That We All Believed

As much as we adore those mugshots and this story, it isn`t true at all as the original source (Now8News) is known for their fake news stories. And that woman`s mugshot is actually from 2012. But still, at least we got to see those amazing faces.

Phuc Dat Bich

The Fakest News Stories of 2015 That We All Believed

As much as we wanted to believe that this guy`s real name was Phuc Dat Bich, it unfortunately wasn`t. His real name (according to him) is Tin Le, and this was all part of a hoax to fool Facebook and show everyone the flaws in their naming policy. Phuc dat.

Woman`s Fake, 64-Inch Ass Explodes While Doing Squats

The Fakest News Stories of 2015 That We All Believed
We`re actually glad this isn`t true and that this woman`s 64-inch ass is still intact. This story was just made up by NewsWatch33, and after pictures of this woman`s ass were attached to the story it took off. As far as we know, no one`s ass has exploded while doing squats. Yet.

Guy Watches Porn During Class...Forgets To Plug In Headphones

The guy`s terrible acting should have been a dead giveaway that this video was staged, but either way we shared it and so did a bunch of other people, with many believing it was legit. The man behind the prank is Jamie Zhu and he`s a prankster on YouTube. But the only joke here is that he thinks that`s a career.

Rumblr: Tinder For Fighting

The Fakest News Stories of 2015 That We All Believed

There are so many apps out there now that it`s no surprise that a lot of us were fooled by an app that encouraged people to swipe on people and meet up with them to fight. It was quickly ruled a hoax, but if you`re still hyped up and want to fight just visit Yelp and express your hatred for a local restaurant.

Pregnant Woman Releases Video Plea In Hopes Of Finding Baby Daddy

After a one night stand occurs, a pregnant woman makes a video plea to find the man she slept with because he`s the baby`s father. And as much as we wanted to help this woman find her mate it was all bizarre social media promotion for Holiday Mooloolaba, a company that finds rental properties. Well, that`s the last time we believe a pregnant gal!

There`s A Deep Fried Rat In My Meal

The Fakest News Stories of 2015 That We All Believed

This one was hard not to believe since we`ve heard plenty of horror stories of people who have found the most nauseating things in their fast food meals. A man posted this photo on Facebook claiming that he had bit into it while munching on his 3-piece chicken tender meal. It turned out to be a hoax when the man refused to help KFC corporate with the investigation, and KFC showed another angle of the picture which revealed the hand-breaded white meat chicken. Rats!
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