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11/15/2019 1:16:04 AM

Two Chicks Found A Phone In An Uber And The Twerking Video They Made With It Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today


There’s absolutely zero context for this video except for the fact that it was evidently recorded after some poor soul left their phone in a Miami-based Uber. And I’m just fine with that because it simply doesn’t need any context. By itself, standalone, it might be one of the best videos in the history of the internet.

If only every time you left your phone in a taxi or an Uber, it was punctually returned to you with a video message like this…with two girls showing off their twerking skills, rapping, and letting you know what city they’re reppin’. I’d pay extra for this service. Not even joking. If this doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will.

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