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11/20/2019 7:51:57 AM

Sphere Hotel by Milla Rezanova in Dubai


Another wonderful architecture from Dubai. Fist the highest tower, then the world largest swimming pool and now I just check out a Shere hotel.

This Sphere Hotel will be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, about 300 meters from the beach on an artificial island, with which it connects the bridge. Designed by Milla Rezanova, visitors will be transported in a helicopter because the hotel is located on a cliff. As a prototype, there will be 200 rooms, entertainment areas and public business zone (conference room), boutiques. This unique design should relax and promote a healthy and comfortable rest.

I must be really expensive to stay there, first you guys must pay the price for a night, second you also have to pay transportation fee; that is to take the helicopter to get over there.


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