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7/15/2020 10:33:48 AM

Delightful Sushi Trend! Get Your Sushi with Swimming Koi In Your Plate

Delightful Sushi Trend 1

Sushi is the most famous and one of the favorite dishes in the Japanese cuisine that has undergone various transformations and presentation to make it even more thrilling to eat when served in the table.

A recent trend in Japanese cuisine presents the unconventional and fanciful  way of preparing the sushi without neglecting its original state. A trend known as “Nishikigoi no Sugatazushi” which means ‘Multicolored Koi-Shaped Sushi’ is a delightful tasty dish cut and designed to resemble a beautiful koi swimming in the plate. These edible dish would appear in the plate as if you are viewing the school of koi enjoying and playing around.

Delightful Sushi Trend 2

These delectable morsels were designed and made up of the same ingredients used in a regular sushi. Such ingredients are eggs, sea urchin and strips of salmon that are pressed at the top of blocks of rice with a little piece of nori seaweed to create a dark spot in the body. Each one is covered with a very thin, transluscent cut of squid to cover the entire serving and to make it appear to have fins and tails. For the last touch, and to complete the ‘fish creation’ two small dot of nori seaweed are placed that serve as the eyes.

sushi koi 3

sushi koi 4

sushi koi 5

sushi koi 6

sushi koi 7

sushi koi 8

Delightful Sushi Trend 9

Delightful Sushi Trend 10

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