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5/30/2020 11:37:33 PM

Coolness alert! Google Engineer Turns His Bathroom Mirror into Awesome Futuristic High-Tech Device

If you’re one of the few people who remembers the middling 2000 science fiction film The 6th Day, you may recall that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character uses a mirror that wishes him a happy birthday and tells him his schedule for the day. That was probably the coolest thing about the movie.

And now it’s basically a real thing.

max braun smart mirror

 Max Braun, a software engineer at Google, decided to make Arnold’s magic mirror a reality. Using supplies you can find easily online or in stores, Braun turned his boring bathroom mirror into a smart one capable of delivering the news and weather. He recently published his work on Medium.

max braun smart mirror2

The mirror, naturally, runs on Google’s Android (Braun also used the Forecast API for the weather). The news headlines come from this Associated Press RSS feed. Braun is currently using Amazon’s Fire TV stick to run the user interface.

max braun smart mirror3

max braun smart mirror4

smart mirror

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