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10/21/2019 6:23:29 PM

Dell launches 10 inch luxury netbook, reveals ‘MacBook Air killer’

Hi everyone, today I gonna show you a brand new luxury netbook, only 2 inch larger than Vaino Sony that I had posted in last blog. And that is Dell Adamo : High-spec Inspiron Mini 10 netbook boasts multitouch, inbuilt GPS, 3G and even a digital TV tuner, while the slim stylish Adamo takes on the MacBook Air.

Adamo (which is pronounced “A-dahm-o” rather than “Adamo-o” – fans of Battlestar Galacita already have a head start here) means “to fall in love with” in Latin, said Michael Tatelman, Dell’s veep of consumer sales and marketing. “It started off as a project code name and then we fell in love with it too”.

The much-rumored Dell Adamo made a brief, but very real, in-person appearance this morning and it sent waves throughout the consumer electronics press and blogosphere. It’s the company’s first foray into the luxury electronics market and it has already been positioned as the Macbook Air killer.

The screen is an edge-to-edge panel clocked for 16:9 resolution for 720p HD content – a bit of an oddball choice for a device without an optical drive, but which makes more sense when you consider the Mini 10 also packs an inbuilt TV tuner. Also on the ‘comes with’ roster: GPS, 3G HSDPA and 802.11n.


It features some truly stunning design features that are indicative of the company’s commitment to innovation inside and out. They’re strikingly beautiful, subtly bold, stylish, elegant, and they’re definitely make a statement. And, the Adamo is thinner than the Macbook Air.



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