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12/13/2018 4:24:23 PM

Kids that absolutely nailed their test answers (18 Photos)

I’ve spent a few years of my life as a teacher and I can honestly say that kids are the most clever and manipulative little buggers on this earth.

Thank goodness we all grow out of our know-it-all attitude when we become adults (most of us, at least).

But, we all know that some kids can be so damn stubborn. Sometimes, though, just sometimes – they’re actually totally justified in their ability to be a smart-ass. Like these kids.

kids test answrs0

When being asked to fill in a worksheet at school, they don’t exactly give the answer that the teacher was hoping for, but they are right, nonetheless.

It’s all about thinking outside of the box, I guess and these kids totally smash it. I think that this is what entrepreneurs are made of, if you ask me.

kids test answrs15

kids test answrs2

kids test answrs4

kids test answrs3

kids test answrs5

kids test answrs6

kids test answrs7

kids test answrs8

kids test answrs9

kids test answrs10

kids test answrs11

kids test answrs12

kids test answrs1

kids test answrs13

kids test answrs14

kids test answrs16

kids test answrs17
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