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10/22/2018 12:46:04 PM

Women Reveal Their Perfect Penis Size And You`ll Most Likely Be Pleasantly Surprised

penis size

1.Average is better

“I’ve had three sexual partners, two were average and one had more penis than brains. Honestly, I would opt for an average penis over a big dick any day. Nothing kills the mood like having your cervix forcibly thrusted into.”

average penis size study 1

2. This user admits, after having had a wee bit of fun with all three sizes: small, medium and large;

“Huge dicks are nice to look at, neat to fantasize about, but just…scary and painful. I’m quite fine with average, maybe even slightly above, but anything more is just unnecessary.”

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3. It’s all about the chase, not the size

“My ex had a really small dick, tiny hands and has issues with climaxing very quickly. But he was so sexy and used to be amazing at the chase, so by the time it came to sex I was so close anyway that he never failed to get me off. My current boyfriend has a massive dick, but he has no try. He thinks it’s enough to get it out and swing it around, then can’t understand why I’m not turned on.”

penis length e1425806412123

4. I never judge

“I’ve had 13. Honestly I don’t care about size. I’ve had large men who couldn’t even get me off and small men who fucking blew me away. I never judge a penis by its size. If it’s long enough to actually go in and you can thrust without it falling out, then it’s fine.”

5. Too big is painful

“Never had a penis I’d consider small, most partners I’d say were average. Had one ex with an above average penis both length and girth…I’d choose average over it any day. It was just painful regardless of how lubricated I was.”

6. It’s all about penmanship

“I think most men should let go of this question/insecurity. It’s not about the size of the pencil, it’s how good your penmanship is.”

7. Girth > Length

“People think length is what matters but, honestly, I think girth is where it’s at. Long can be nice (you get a few more positions) but it’s work to make sure you’re ready to take a big ol’ monster cock. Stretching can be fun, tearing not so much. I’d rather have a nice fat, average length cock. Those things were made for riding. Small can be great fun, too. Best sex I ever had was with a guy who was on the smaller side of average. He used every inch like a dream. And, of course, having a responsive partner who knows that sex is more than just pounding away with his dick. I’m a big fan of P in V, but fingers and tongues are good, too.”

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