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10/15/2018 1:31:18 PM

High School Girl Beats The Crap Out Of A Dude Who Bullied Her Online (4 gifs + 1 video)

She starts things off with a perfectly executed takedown.


Then she maintains head control, which shows she`s got some bad intentions for this kid. Notice how she keeps his hands away from his face.


And you might be wondering why she`s doing that, but anyone`s who`s ever watched MMA or kickboxing will tell you this is what she had in mind.


After cleaning his clock she gets the hell out of there like a smart cookie as students chase after her. But the school found out and she was disciplined.


The girl was suspended while the boy`s walking around school with a black eye and having to be teased about losing a fight to a girl.

As a response to the video, the Sonoma Valley Unified School District sent home a letter to families regarding the incident stating "comments were posted about the incident containing inaccurate information and by persons not having firsthand knowledge." They didn`t stipulate what the inaccuracies were, however.

We do know one thing is accurate, though. This girl can freaking fight.

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