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9/24/2019 9:31:57 AM

Once Bullied Because of Her Looks, She Is Now on The Cover of Playboy`s First Non-Nude Issue (11 pics)

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In October of last year, Playboy announced that their magazine would no longer feature full-frontal nudity starting in March 2016. Pamela Anderson was chosen to be the final celebrity to pose nude for the 62-year-old magazine.

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Earlier this month, Playboy revealed that the first cover model for their first non-nude issue would be 19-year-old Sarah McDaniel. McDaniel is particularly unique because she has heterochromia iridum, a condition that causes one eye’s color to be different from the other’s.

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“I didn’t always want to be a model. I knew from a pretty young age, maybe 16, that I wanted to focus on it but I never really thought that I could do it. I would say it would be two years ago is when I really started getting serious about it and started getting more people paying attention to me.”

Although McDaniel has over 320,000 Instagram followers, she doesn’t consider herself an Instagram model, however.

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“People think that I got famous from instagram, but I was already a model before. I was actually doing more things in modeling before the [Playboy] cover news came out.

“I like to show people more in depth about what I like because I really love being in nature. I like to post that kind of stuff [on social media] because I feel like it attracts people that like the same things as me. I want to have that kind of fan base rather than just posting booty pics or whatever. I feel like you get the wrong kind of attention.”

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Born in Roseville, California, McDaniel moved to San Diego when she eight-years-old and had to move multiple times all over Southern California during high school because of her father’s work as a project manager. Because of that, she had a hard time forming close friends and was often bullied because of her appearance.

“My teeth were horrible before I got braces. I gained a little weight when I was younger — there were so many other things that I stressed about. I didn’t wear makeup all through high school or middle school.

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“I never had a friend group or anyone who would stand up for me. I think it was being tall and weird looking and still growing into my features. I think the biggest thing was probably my braces or teeth or personality; people didn’t like me all around. I just didn’t really connect with a lot of the kids. Maybe because I was super into ‘Lord of the Rings’ a little too much — maybe that scared a little people off.” (laughs)

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