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7/13/2020 2:22:06 PM

Kim Kardashian Fools The World With Her Naked Selfie

Screen Shot 2016 03 08 at 09.21.54

As the Kardashian clan continues to create controlled chaos, a disparaging discovery has been made about Kim Kardashian’s recent naked selfie. Of course, in order to cover two oblong-shaped sections of modesty, the photo was slightly censored.

While her critics were quick to claim that this was a shameless attempt to make headlines, others highlighted that Kardashian had recently given birth – and that this photo showed what a commendable recovery her body has made.

Despite its lacklustre caption, the picture currently has more than one million likes

screen shot at  xjst png

However, there’s a huge giveaway here that something is up – her hair

asian town

A few weeks ago, Kardashian wore a blonde wig for husband Kanye West’s album launch

Screen Shot 2016 03 08 at 09.18.51

Yes – anyone can throw a wig on but her style actually looks very similar to when she dyed it platinum blonde for last year’s Paris Fashion Week

Screen Shot 2016 03 08 at 09.19.42

Again, the exact same colour and cut

Screen Shot 2016 03 08 at 09.19.58

Furthermore, this selfie from around a year ago (note the hair) has the exact same background

Screen Shot 2016 03 08 at 09.20.40

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