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10/21/2018 4:25:34 AM

24 photos are just so hard to explain

Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words. Other times it just raises more questions.

A vietnamese man who suffered birth defects due to his parents being exposed to agent orange 474x368

Airline shows 9 11 footage during in flight movie screens 474x330

Barbie Death Camp at Burning Man 474x474

Can someone explain what is happening here 474x369

Cant wait for this style to go viral... Hot as fuck. 474x315

Customer Said Power Was Out. Found out why 474x355

Feed me Seymour 474x726

How not to label your product 474x632

Its...kind of cute.

Meanwhile in the basement of a bar in Arizona 474x355

Mom bought this at thrift store today 474x266

Near miss Xpost ukranianconflict 474x790

Nicki Minaj...I dont...what  474x470

Peek a boo nightmare edition

Russian mom enjoying holiday on the beach with her children 474x320

Someone put this in a parking meter today 474x604

Sooo I got stuck in traffic because a naked guy was running around.. They got him 474x355

Summer fun 474x632

Take a seat on my favorite chair. 474x477

Thats quite a collection 474x316

The face of a silkworm 474x474

These failed Nerds look like Clown tumors. 474x474

This was found in an abandoned house. Impressive artwork but damn. 474x355

Typical NYC Subway Ride 474x842
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