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12/18/2018 11:41:30 AM

Justin Bieber - Good boy gone bad with the new look?

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Bieber In 2009

Cultural appropriation is one of those topics that it feels like everyone with an Internet connection has an opinion on and everyone with a life in the public eye has goofed up on. When the latter happens, the people with the Internet connections come out in full force to talk about it and argue over it.

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Young Justin Bieber has gotten flak for cultural appropriation in the past. His style of clothing has come under fire, as have music videos that feature white dancers doing traditionally black dances with nary a person of color in sight.

Is it too late to say Sorry? Justin Bieber displayed his muscular physique and tattoos while seemingly trying to distract from his new dreadlocks in an Instagram snap, posted on Thursday

 It is his recent adoption of dreadlocks that has him in hot water this time, though, which is interesting considering his pal Kylie Jenner was facing the online appropriation committee over the exact same thing in February and July of last year.

New taboo `do: The 22 year old recently unveiled his new blond dreadlocks on Instagram

The 21-year-old singer - who previously hit the headlines for his wild partying, arrests for motoring offences and egging a neighbour`s house - was feeling "pretty lost" and though he isn`t "super religious", his faith inspired him to take things in a different direction.

Another shirtless selfie: Before having his hair turned into dreadlocks, Bieber shared one of his trademark topless pictures

Controversial: Justin stepped out at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, showing off his dreadlocks once again

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